Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Open House Invites!!

Having to design and print invitations can be so overwhelming! We are getting ready to create and send our open house invitations for our 2011 couples....and we wanted to do something special. In the past I have done the DIY thing which amounted to invitations destroyed, a good deal of time and printing frustrations. More importantly, I had to pick from box sets that might not have been the exact look I was going for. I have decided that I am good at coordinating weddings and decorating wedding cakes......but not so good at making invitations. ...... So this year I've collaborated with a professional designer. Her name is Angela, like an angel!

Prior to contacting Angela, I did my homework. I looked at some online designing options and did some price comparison. After many attempts of contacting these online printing companies, I realized that the price shown, was not the price I thought. When starting to go through the online check out, I recognized that the shown cost did not include the response cards, envelopes, direction cards and the colored ink! Moreover, I could not talk to a real person who was in charge of printing my invitations and have a second person proofing them. I couldn't wait for my meeting with Angela...I knew it would be better because I could actually talk to a real person! Imagine that!

After contacting Angela Dal Bon, a custom invitation designer, I felt better. She came to the Inn and we started by me explaining what we will do at the open house and what it is about. After listening to me patiently, and finding out what my budget was she said she knew exactly what I was looking for. Angela explained that the invitation is going to give our clients an idea of what the event was going to be like....it would set the tone. She also explained that it is important to couples to start working with a designer once you've pick your date and location of your event. When starting early, and finding the "look" you want to create this can influence things like your favors, programs, seating chart....endless possibilities!

Following our meeting I was so anxious to see what Angela could do for me. She presented me with three different designs to choose from. From the examples she presented I realized how much she was listening to me at our initial meeting. She created something so spectacular which was exactly what I wanted and didn't even know it. It was fabulous, she sent me the samples so I could touch them and feel them....just like trying on a good pair of shoes! What even made this process even easier was that I sent her an email with my contacts in a word document, then she addressed all those envelopes! No more printing headaches!

For our 2011 couples that are getting ready to invest in your invitations, please take the time to contact Angela. For those of you that can wait, she will be at our open house for you to view some of her amazing work. I was going to post the invitation in this blog but thought it best for you to see it in person......which should be very soon! See you at the open house!!!

Happy Planning


Angela Dal Bon
Custom Invitations & Announcements

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