Sunday, January 30, 2011

When am I ready to PLAN????

Usually people are ready for an appointment 4-2 months prior to their wedding date. We’ve created this check-off list for couples regarding your personal planning appointment.

Read our “Check-Off’ list below to see if you’re ready to successfully plan!

1.  Have your planning packet and questions ready and available.  You will receive the planning packet at the Open House if you book your wedding before the tasting.  If after you will receive it at your booking appointment. 

2.  Have vendor information ready and available: Names, phone numbers and email addresses, arrival times, etc. Be sure to give your vendors the appropriate vendor requirements
information paperwork.

3.  What time is your wedding going to start? We have provided a suggested start time
calendar in your planning packet, however you can check out and put in our zip code or city (95631 or Foresthill) in the search bar.

4.  Be able to give an estimated count of how many guests you think may attend the wedding.

5.  Will you be reserving the Inn overnight and if so, how many guests? Note: we ask that you assign rooms and make sleeping arrangements directly with your guests.

6.  Review all forms in the planning packet as we will be filling out and signing these forms:
*Food and Beverage Packaging
*Cake Design
*Flower Arrangements,
*Ceremony Logistics
*Table Set Up

7.  Bring any and all inspiration pictures for your wedding such as bridesmaid’s dresses, cake, flowers and colors ideas. You can find some great inspirational photos by linking to

8.  White linens are standard to our packages, however at the planning meeting we can order colored linens at an additional fee (wholesale + 21%), check out samples a head of time at

9.  Have an idea what times work for you and your rehearsal.

10.  We strongly suggest assigned seating at weddings and we can discuss seating arrangements and any questions you may have.

Remember that appointments can be scarce during high wedding season, but we can
accommodate weekdays & weekday evening appointments. Please call the Inn to schedule your appointment. If you can not attend a meeting in person, we can also plan over the phone.

Happy Planning!