Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Persian Inspired

This Persian inspired wedding was a delight to plan. Scarlet being from a multicultural family, tried to keep some elements from each culture. In keeping with the Persian tradition she Incorporated the Persian wedding display spread which was set up on a table. On the table these items were displayed and the meaning of the items:
  • Mirror and two candle holders (representing the bride and groom and brightness in their future)
  • A tray of seven multi-colored herbs and spices to guard the couple; poppy seeds, wild rice, angelica, salt, nigella seeds, black tea, Frankincense
  • A specially baked and decorated flatbread with blessing written on it.
  • A basket of decorated eggs and a basket of decorated almonds, walnuts and hazelnuts in the shell to symbolize fertility.
  • A basket of pomegranates and/or apples for a joyous future.
  • A cup of rose water extracted from special Persian roses to perfume the air.
  • A bowl made out of crystallized sugar to sweeten life for the newly wed.
  • Wild rue incense (to keep the evil eye away and bring on plenty of health).
  • A bowl of gold coins representing wealth and prosperity.
  • A scarf or shawl made out of silk or any other fine fabric.
  • A cup of honey to sweeten life
  • Immediately after the couple is married they each should dip one pinky finger in the cup of honey and feed it to the other one.
  • A needle and seven strands of colored thread to figuratively sew up the mother-in-law's lips from speaking unpleasant words to the bride!
  • A copy of the couple's Holy Book and prayer kit
  • An assortment of specialty Persian store bought sweets

Jessica from Stout Photography sent us over these incredible photos that show off Scarlet's beautiful wedding. I made a square stacked cake with gumpaste orange mini-cala lilies that tied here orange table cloths together.

The brides brought in her own vases & candles and we did the rest. Our floral designer created a simple but elegant arrangement with mini white calas, bear grass and small natural rocks.

Jessica captured some incredible vineyard shots. The vineyard has grown so tremendously, it was like the couple was in Napa. If you would like to see more photos of this wedding, you can visit Jessica's blog spot at

Thanks so much and Happy Planning!