Wednesday, May 20, 2009

May 16 - Wedding

As promised I will feature weddings throughout the season highlighting the event. On Saturday May 16, we had a spectacular couple and a fun wedding. There was about 100 people for a delicious buffet dinner. The guests enjoyed the broiled PEI muscles with garlic, breadcrumbs and Italian parsley as one of their appetizers. Guests raved about the slow roasted & smoked prime rib that was carved by the chef along with other various terrific buffet items.

The couple's colors was centered on their flower choices, pink aqua roses along with green spider mums. These colors were certainly showed off as the topper of their mocha fondant wedding cake as well as their favors.

The guests were impressed by the couple's choice of hiring the "Special Event" nannies to play games with the children. This allowed the adults to have a good time while their children were looked after.

The guests had fun playing in the "photobooth" provided by SJDJ's services. The guests were able to put on fun hats and wigs and took photos in the booth. The photobooth created a four picture favor for them to take home, and a duplicate to put in the guestbook.

What a wonderful day! Thanks so much to Mike & Vicki!
Happy Planning

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Picture Perfect

Here at the Monte Verde Inn, the places for pictures are endless. Our beautiful grounds, structural textures and filtered light, are all a photographer’s dream. After your wedding is over, your wedding photos will still be there reminding you of your beautiful day. That said it is imperative that you and your photographer go over details before the event.

Being Ready:
It is imperative that you be ready for your photographer. It will cost you money and reception time if you are not ready. Putting the photographer behind schedule will not allow for all the photo opportunities you wanted. More importantly, you will be stressed and hurried, which will make for poor photographs. You should make an itinerary for people that need to be here for pictures before the ceremony. You should let them know what time they need to be here and when they need to be ready. You can give these people their times during the rehearsal lunch/dinner. Also do your best to remind the wedding party of their duties; work with your photographer by listening, being ready and doing their best to be happy.


Ahead of time you really need to sit down with your photographer and make a “laundry” list of all the pictures you want of individual and family groups before ceremony and after. Be sure to write down the names of the picture participants because looking for the “bride’s family” usually doesn’t work. Often times I’ll have an announcement made for “bride’s family” and all the second and third cousins come out of the woodwork. We usually find that taking the bride & groom, wedding party and family out front of the Inn coordinates best. It allows you not to get sidetrack by the other guests, and can get the formal photographs behind you so you can move on to your party. Not to worry, we do assign a staff member to get you and your family something to drink and some of the appetizers. In addition, go over with your photographer the top 3 places on the grounds that you really want pictures of.

Coordinating with your photographer:
As with all your vendors, I do coordinate with them regarding the timeline of the event. Remember that we give about 45 minutes to an hour after ceremony for most of the formal photographs. It is a great opportunity for the majority of photographs to be taken. I’ve noticed things flow more smoothly when family pictures first, then wedding party, and last romantics (just bride & groom). During your photography session I check in with your photographer to see if you are on schedule or need help finding people for pictures. When it is time for dinner, try to enjoy your wonderful wedding dinner. It is tempting to go off for more pictures, but if we plan and are ready for photo sessions, getting up from dinner won’t be necessary.

Last but not least, it is important to build a rapport with your photographer. You should be comfortable and at ease with them. Your photos will be fabulous if you do. In addition, it is important to drink lots of water and remember that you have professionals working for you. Let go and have fun with your photographer it will certainly show in your photos!

Happy Planning!