Friday, June 26, 2009

Love Birds!

We had the pleasure on June 14th of hosting an amazing wedding. Kathy Dusart from Colfax (530) 637-4141 was hired to release 20 beautiful white doves from the garden area when the couple recessed after ceremony. The experience was simply amazing! The doves were released from a basket and flocked behind the couple. The flock then flowed into the air and circled twice then disappeared.
According to Kathy's website:
White Dove Releases are an ancient tradition symbolizing Love & Devotion, Peace & Unity. These Birds mate for life and when released Divine their way homeward and to their nest. These birds are specially bred for their pure white color and natural homing instinct. They are carefully conditioned for your special day to return home safely.
I also wanted to share some favorite photos of the day provided by: Rebecca from Ford Family Photography

Happy Planning!


Tuesday, June 2, 2009


What an exciting wedding on Saturday May 30th. This Monte Verde Inn Bride really showed off her style, Anthropology. The Bride’s choices of colors & styles truly shined in the garden on Saturday. The details of this event were well thought out down to the 1940’s style wedding cake topper. The bridesmaids dresses were even purchaced from a girl's favorite store, Anthropology. Tralee’s inspiration and love for the antique look came together for her wedding.

Her table settings were accented by Victorian Lilac Organza table cloths and Lilac Lamour napkins. The cute “birds in nest” favor was a unique touch that showed off the flowers and the rented table cloths. Attached to the Monte Verde Inn designed centerpiece was a small branch widdled to hold a table number. The centerpiece was a garden design in our “pottery urn”. It was so unique; the bride gave us the numbers and branches to use in other events!

Tralee also brought with her escort cards that were displayed attractively on top of flats of landscape cover that brought the whole garden theme together.

Thanks to Tralee & Mike! I hope you are having fun in Hawaii on your honeymoon

Happy Planning