Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Just a small post to update everybody who has not had the opportunity to visit in the last month or two. Spring is here and mother nature has been working her magic on the trees and gardens.

The Plum trees that line the driveway are now full of leaves as are most of the fruit trees around the parking lot.

The gardens are getting full with Day Lillies, Roses and Jasmine.

The lawns are looking lush and green.

The vineyard is all prepped and ready for another growing season. With the vines waking up from their winter hibernation and showing their first green shoots this week.

In addition to Mother Nature we have been hard at work as well.

Constructing a new solid redwood arbor and fence to replace the old one in the bottom patio area.

And not as glamorous as the arbor but just as important we are just about done remodeling the three outdoor bathrooms.

Brand new plumbing fixtures, ceramic tile, lighting, paint and decor, have made a vast improvement to our outdoor facilities.

Happy Planning,



Rachelle said...

The new arbor looks fabulous! Can't wait to see all the improvements in person. Is that a covered fire pit in the picture? If so, is it available for use during the wedding?

Joe said...

I was there last Sunday, it's so beautiful there.....

Kim Lan said...

Thank you Kelly for such a wonderful planning meeting, it makes me feel at ease to know you're going to be there! I will be using all your ideas in my planning.

Questions for you:
1) Can I drop by to pick up some of those directions/info enclosure cards to send off with our invitations?

2) I need to change the asparagus to broccolini or zucchini. The MOG just told me they don't really eat asparagus! =X

3) Can I change the cake design? Flavors same as is, just the design.

4) Instead of ordering napkins for each place setting, what do you think of just a fully opened napkin square at each table under the arrangement & tea lights?

5) I am worried about melting in the hot heat on 8/16, especially during the picture hour 3-4pm. Could we move the party later if the heat stays on the higher end this summer? If the party ends at 10, do guests have until 1030 to leave the premise?

Monte Verde Inn said...

Comment to Rachel: Yes the fire pit is available if the weather permits. Remember that the pit does produce fire so we will have to be careful to keep the children away.
Comment to Kim: Just email me and let me know how many map cards you need. Please email me with any menu changes and I would be happy to the changes to your menu. Remember brides & grooms, that you can make changes to your food & beverage agreement as long as its before 1 month to your wedding.
Happy Planning Kelly